Thursday, November 22, 2007

Powdered Courage! A Felted Chalk Bag

I just finished the pattern notes for this project and have to share--it's a felted chalk bag I like to call "Powdered Courage." I was sort of out for the climbing season this year, but I went along and took my knitting with me, and came up with this little bag for next year!

I made it so the draw cord also becomes the loop to attach the bag to your harness. Pretty convenient, huh?
The size is perfect for anyone's hand, and the inside is all nice and felty so you don't even need a fleece liner in it.
It knits up pretty quickly, and is also a great stash buster/scrap buster. Perfect for a little Christmas gift, too--just stuff some passes to the local climbing gym inside and voila! No Black Friday 4 am shopping for you! If you want the pattern, I'll send it to you for free. Just email adventurista_knits AT yahoo DOT com
(And for the Paul Harvey fans, here's "the rest of the story." So, I had knee surgery in May, which completely blew out my climbing or just having fun for the season, but I went to most of the climbs and just took knitting along. Hence, the knitted chalk bag. Okay, so I wanted my husband to model these pics for me, and we went to the Pocatello Pump, which is a local climbing competition, for the shots....the DAY after he completely tore his shoulder out of the socket. So, climbing fans, there's no rope and it's not because he's free climbing, it's because he's about a foot off the ground, probably screaming inside, while I'm trying to get my "bad" knee into position on the ground so I can take the shots. Not too heroic, but pretty funny. Finally.)


JennaKate said...

Could you please email me the pattern? is my email address. I'm going to make the bag for my boyfriend. He's really excited!

Anonymous said...

I would love it if you sent me the pattern. I am an avid climber looking for a way to make my own chalk bag. My email is