Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Oh, hi....

So it's not like I forgot I have a blog, it's just that I've been busy. Doing stuff. Doing stuff, like:

1. Taking care of my husband who had shoulder surgery
2. Having knee surgery
3. Trying to revive choking Kodi because neither of us could carry him to the car to take him to the vet....okay, it wasn't totally that dramatic, but there was a point where we were looking up the vet's phone number at 10:00 at night, imagining how it would look for one family to have all members in the hospital in one month!

But I've been doing lots and lots of knitting (since there's not much else to do with a bandaged up leg!) and lots and lots of Ravelry-ing. I love Ravelry!

I've made a little knitting-circle of friends already at the physical therapy office, one of which owns a sheep/goat farm and has invited me out, and another to who it going to teach me how to steek sleeves! This is totally cracking my husband up and impressing him at the same time.

I also took a bead-felting class the other night, which was so much fun. I love the bright colors and the perfect little balls of felty wool. I just ordered some more roving to make a bunch for a necklace.

I taught my mom to knit (and purl) while we were in pre-op for my knee. DH wanted to take pics of me knitting in my hospital gown, IV quite firmly inserted into my hand (ouch!), but darn it all, we didn't have the camera. Anyway, my mother, who "couldn't knit," is now knitting. She wants to make baby hats, so I'm sending her to these cute Kate Gilbert patterns. And for whatever reason, I've been making lots of socks. Socks look funny without feet in them, but right now they'd look funny with my feet in them. Note that all were photographed in my little cocoon-world of brown quilt.

Red Cables and Ribs (BFF Socks by Cookie A)

SexyTweed Socks of my own design--I really like this, and they do look really kinda sexy on a guy's foot. I'll post the pattern if anyone's interested.
Stripey socks that are now much further along than this. I love the blues and browns of this self-striping wool. Gorgeous!

And that's about it for now. I'm swatching a bunch of new things, and I started one other pattern that I'll post maybe tomorrow. Until then...happy knitting!


The Bullknitter said...

I love that yarn. What brand is it?

Anna said...

Hmmmm...which one? Or all of them?

The Bullknitter said...

The blue-y brown-y one

Anna said...

Isn't that fantastic? I knew I had to get it as soon as I saw it. It's Lang Yarns JA Woll, in colorway 132.0209. I love the way it's striping on the socks. I'll try to get a picture up!