Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Her Loss...My Gain!

A woman who takes my Pilates classes mentioned the other day that she has a bunch of yarn left over from when she used to weave and would I be interested in any of it? Um....that's like asking Kodi if he wants a chewy! Yes! So, I got to go over to her house last weekend and peruse the stash. I picked out a few things:

Really rustic, pretty tweed wool. The color is sort of a greyish-brown, and the yarn is very coarse. I do think it will soften up a lot with washing, because just swatching it made it softer. I think it might make a nice hat or something.
And this gossamer silk is so beautiful. It's handspun, and just gorgeous. I have no idea what I might do with it, but I love it.
She had a few skeins that would be perfect for some raggy-wool socks, too. It's handspun, from a company in New Hampshire that I have no idea whether it exists anymore (this stuff is about 20 years old). It smells soo good, though, with all the lanolin. This is the forest green:
And then there were a couple shades of purples, this one being a true purple:
And a little bit bluer purple with tweedy flecks:
Not only that, but I have two shipments of yarn coming, one from Beaverslide and one from Bare Sheep. Yikes!

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