Saturday, July 21, 2007


I think I understand that funny phenomenon where people lose a lot of weight when they start getting rid of stuff. You suddenly start feeling a million times freer and lighter just by the sheer acting of unloading. I know this probably sounds like I have truckloads of stuff, and I guess in some ways I do: I get gifts, I give myself gifts, I get stuff and for some reason, I have stacks of magazines from a year ago because I was always going to go through them to rip stuff out for my Style File.

So, then I realized--I have ripped out a few pages for my Style File--because they were actually my style. These are the ones that are actually in my Style File, by the way, the rest are in a box waiting to go IN the Style File. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I think I may have actually found my style. Which is also making this process of getting rid of bunch of clothes and stuff a million times easier!

So far, I've made about $125 on eBay (although the final bids aren't in), I've sold six books on Amazon, I have a box of things for the consignment store (and I can take fall stuff starting in August) and about three boxes ready for the thrift store. My darling husband will be so excited!

I also still have a bunch of things sitting here waiting to get their pictures taken for eBay, so I'm going to stay up late tonight and finish....then tomorrow will be a couple of organizing projects (and cleaning all the huskey sheddings out of the car...ick).

And I'm finally getting over my horrid cold, too. Found a new doctor, who gave me another round of mega antibiotics (so now there shouldn't be one germ in my body, good or bad!) and a decongestant that's making me drier than a dustbowl, so I'm just chugging water and tea. But feeling good for the first time in three weeks! Now maybe I can start riding my bike and finally get this knee on some serious re-hab.

More later, and hopefully a soap lesson soon, too!

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