Saturday, July 14, 2007

Farmers Market & Garden Day!

The garden is coming along pretty well, considering I got a really late start this year and have sort of been out of "gardening commission" for a couple of weeks. I rotated some things out last night and replanted, then got a little "four-legged help" on the corner there while we went out for a glass of wine. I keep trying to get the nasturtiums all the way around, and the little WooWoo keeps digging them up! We had probably the third talk this summer about how doggies aren't supposed to help in the garden!

The French Breakfast Radishes are ravishing!And the nasturtiums and mesclun will make a great spicy salad tomorrow night at my in-laws.
The plums are coming in, too, and we have two kinds and some apples. Can't wait! I broke down and got some more basil and another tomato plant after the heat killed mine, and also got a couple of French Lavender plants for the front porch to console myself since I didn't get to go to the Lavender Festival last weekend.

Yea! I also got to visit the Farmers Market today because my husband went kayaking and I'm not quite up for action and adventure just yet (still feeling kinda sick, still working on my knee). The day started out just blazing hot--even at 9 in the morning. I saw the guys off on their adventure and got my morning coffee, then headed downtown to the market. I was a little bummed because the lamb lady wasn't there with her lamb sausages and I was going to get a couple skeins of wool, too. But I did get some great Idaho potato sausages and some smoked buffalo sausages from Lost River Meats in Mackay, ID, a few of the first crop of fresh Idaho peaches and some Idaho bing cherries. I've been practically living on cherries for two weeks!

Also found some beets and potatoes, and got three baby baguettes (asiago, walnut, and something else that I can't remember) and a loaf of Cranberry Orange bread, too. The company that makes the bread brings it up from Utah and uses a grape starter. A friend gave me a grape starter recipe that I really need to experiment with, but not while the weather's so hot!

I also picked up a container of fat little blackberries and some hot garlic cheese curds. Mmm.... off to make myself some lunch! It looks like a rainstorm is heading in, too, thank goodness. Although it might ruin tonight's plans for going to the races, it will be so nice to have a little break from the heat.

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