Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Little Shopping to Round the Day Out...

The last part of my adventure in town was technically part of my de-cluttering fixation of late: I took a few more summer things to the consignment store (the rest are going on eBay starting tomorrow). Well, I guess it's okay that I took a boxful in and only came out with three things, right? I had a credit in there anyway, and even after my three purchases, I still have a credit. I was also directed to go home and get all my fall consignments ready for August....whooopee! I have a few gorgeous fall things that are too big now (yea!) and have to go, which makes even more room for my pre-fall purchases. First up, this great silver ring on a suede necklace. I love it---just so "me." Oh, and sorry for the rather ambiguous photo...I was in post-heat shopping and gardening mode, not quite ready for prime-time.

Next up are these fantastic pants, and I couldn't quite get a photo to do them justice. The fabric is an amazing kind of heathery-fawn color, with a subtle sheen to it almost--almost as if it were gold but it's not. They're awesome except for the high-waist (how do people wear stuff up to their belly-button anyway? Sheesh!), so I'm going to have my seamstress try to bring that down. If it doesn't work, I'm making a clutch out of them. Yeah, the fabric is that good.
Okay, and then last is my favorite. This mohair sweater in green (I love green) that'll tie so much of my wardrobe together. The bell sleeves are to die for, and while the button has to go, the shawl collar is one of my favorite things. It's long without being too long, too. Love it!

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