Friday, March 14, 2008

The Urge to Purge

Is everyone in the world suddenly getting the organization bug? It sure seems like it. Or maybe it’s like when you buy a new car, and suddenly it seems like the whole world is driving the same thing. The more I get on with my organizational aspirations, the more I notice others’ blogs, books, magazines, articles, etc. about the same.

This weekend, I am tackling one of the biggest issues hanging over my head: all the stuff I moved and never unpacked. Well, never officially unpacked—I’ve been trying to find things here and there and it’s become a big disaster. A big disaster that is supposed to be my knitting/studying/office area, except that you literally can’t walk into it.

I’ve had really good intentions. I’ve thought about it a lot. Maybe I just needed that little carrot? Well, the carrot found me, in the form of a gorgeous black lacquer desk. Here's a photo, from a magazine:
I was browsing/shopping a couple of days ago in lieu of studying for my math exam, and found this amazing desk. It’s a secretary style with a pull-down panel, and the inside is full of little drawers and cubbies all in the most brilliant RED! I knew from the moment I saw it I had to have it. I talked to the saleswoman about it, and she mentioned offhand that it was a really good deal. I went home and looked it up online… It was originally $2400—yikes, this one was $249. I bought it, and we’ll pick it up sometime this weekend.

As soon as I (ahem) make some room available for it. And so, my weekend of de-stashing, purging, de-junking has begun!


Becca said...

Wow! Ir's stunning! Great choice!

Gina said...

I'm glad you found your carrot. It's gorgeous, and you did get it for a steal. Take some photos of the purge pile.

Kate Schmidt said...

You lucky thing. That's gorgeous!