Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Knitty: Sophisticated Spring

Amy published the Spring 2008 issue of knitty.com today, and I have to say, this may be one of my favorite issues yet. The designs are so sophisticated and polished. I think that knitwear design is really starting to come into it's own lately. The bar seems to have been raised quite a bit in the past several months as knitters want more and more wearable designs, current but classic pieces in luxury fibers.

I've also never been one for a lot of summer knitting, preferring rich wools, cashmeres, and tweeds for fall on winter to settle on my needles, but lately, I'm getting excited by some of the possibilities in design as well as some of the fantstic yarns. I'm considering a few of knitty's newest:

Yosemite is a very sexy, form-fitting little knit, isn't it? The mini faux-cable/rib is nice and looks like it would have a lot of stretch (and designed with seven inches of negative ease, I suppose it would!).

I also really like Honeycomb, though maybe for something to knit for the fall. I am in love with Silky Tweed and Silky Wool anyway, so this could be another possibility and looks like it would be a quick weekend knit.

The Salto socks are interesting...still trying to decide if the pattern grabs me. They'd be great with some really tweedy yarn. Again, more for fall than spring.

I think I really like Marjorie, too. For my body type, this would provide all-important waist shaping that sometimes gets lost with boxier designs. I like the slight throwback to retro without seeming too "costume-y" and the alpaca looks so soft and luxurious.

Well, these will all have to be on the back burner for now. I have a big weekend project planned, and in the meantime I also have to study for a math test (ugh). Besides that, I have a few lingering UFOs that really need some TLC.

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Gina said...

I was quite pleased with this issue as well!