Monday, January 14, 2008

Breathless, but back!

Well, after a whirlwind trip to the Bahamas (I'm still trying to get all the photos in order), it's back to reality. Ugh. And reality it is: working a full forty a week again, and happily, teaching Pilates again; I missed my students! My MBA classes start again this week, too, which puts me in full swing.

I did some Bahamian-style knitting while I was gone (you know, on the beach, frosty beverage in hand), but I still haven't taken pics yet of the finished product. We ended up getting back Sunday night at midnight, then to work the next day...of course I caught the obligatory plane cold on the way back which put me out of it for the rest of the week. I'm finally feeling like myself.

There is going to be a lot of knitting going on, too. I've used some Christmas yarn money on a bunch of different stash-enhancements, and I still have a gift certificate for KnitPicks that I haven't made a decision about, but I'm leaning toward the options needle set. Maybe. It's so hard to choose, isn't it?

I do have a complaint about some of the sites I've been buying from. I placed three orders with three separate stores who showed stock on hand, but then came up empty. In this day and age, I think that's just lazy, and really irritating to boot. One company showed 72 of something I wanted for weeks...and then when I ordered 8, suddenly they'd sold out. They tried to tell me that they sold out that day--I doubt it. Of the eight separate lots of yarn I ordered, they only had one in stock...which they informed me about two weeks after I ordered. Grr.... Same thing with the two other places. I'm starting to get really grumpy about trying to order yarn.

In the meantime, while the yarn I was actually able to procure is on it's way, I've been making myself happy with a little scarf project. I've been seeing so many great versions of "My So-Called Scarf" that I just had to try it, and I found some great yarn while out doing some shopping the other day. It's just the thing to cheer me up, unfortunately, there's only about twenty minutes of light these days, so I'll get a picture posted tomorrow.

Don't worry, lots of great Bahamas stories to tell, and some more knitting coming, too!

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SegoLily said...

Hi. I found your blog while searching for Idaho blogs, as I have a blog intended mainly for Idaho-ans and was trying to find a way for more Idaho people to find it. Well, I was so impressed with all of your knitting that I thought that just maybe I'd take it up. Today I bought my first knitting needles - though, truly, I have no idea what I just purchased. I stood there looking at all the different sizes, colors, and materials completely confused - so I just went for some shiny metal ones in blue and purple. Anyway...I enjoy reading your blog and maybe one day (in the far future I'm guessing :) I'll be able to make some of the cool things you've posted.