Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sometimes I just crack myself up...

I was thinking about something I wrote the other day, about making Christmas ornaments for everyone at work. Huh? Who do I think I am? Did I honestly believe that I could make little miniature stockings, hats, sweaters, and mittens? Now?

Oh yes, I did. I even bought the yarn for them. Which was promptly exchanged today for sock yarn...for a marvelous sock pattern that I thought of last night. But I have plenty of time for those.

You know, Elizabeth Zimmermann was right: Christmas "Fiddle Faddle" should be made in August. Mittens should be made in April. It's just too stressful to think about making something when you actually need it.

Which brings me to my Bird in Hand Mittens. They haven't been worked on in at least a week because I've had to write two term papers, work, teach Pilates, study for two tests...what else? Oh, my husband has the flu, so I've been on soup-and-crackers patrol, too (not that it's too hard). And I thought I'd have time to make Christmas ornaments! Boff!


Anonymous said...

I knit very few Christmas presents, unless they're something quick and dirty, like those tight little beanies that Beckham wears, which only take 3 hours from start to finish. The holidays are stressful enough for me, particularly this year. My best-laid plans for the holidays always go awry, so I try not to fight it too much.

Are the mittens a pretty quick knit? Are the yarn carries any greater than five stitches? I just finished a beanie that sometimes had as many as nine, and that was not okay!


Gina said...

Thank you for the cautionary post. I got the idea last night that I could whip up a few knitted ornaments for some of my co-workers. Thank you for showing me the light of reason and sanity.