Monday, September 17, 2007

Soup Weather!

Yea! It's finally time to start getting serious about...mmmm...soup! I love soup, almost as much as cozy cashmere and wonderful boots. I've really been wanting to put some soup recipes together lately, and tonight was the perfect night--cool, with a hint of rain that is supposed to last all week and maybe even into next. With the Indian Summr weather that is so typical here, it's kind of a nice taste of fall.

I found an interesting set of soup recipes over the weekend, that is apparently pretty popular: it's a "soup diet" that Good Housekeeping magazine does in the fall. Truth be told, it looks like a great diet and a healthy way to lose weight, but what really excited me was all the soup-y possibilities.

You just make one big batch of basic vegetable soup, then add different things to it to make about 20 or so other combinaions, each one unique. Brilliant! The soup isn't difficult to make, and apparently freezes well, so I dug in!

The basic vegetable soup begins with the classic French Mirepoix trinity of celery, onion, and carrot:
And ends with a delicious soup packed with vegetables. I added imported French haricot verts, fire-roasted tomatoes, baby spinach leaves, zuchhini, etc. The recipe is fantastic already!
I'll keep you posted on the progression of versions. And the progression of cashmere....mmmm. There's nothing quite like soup and cashmere weather! You can check out the details for the recipe at


Gina said...

That looks delicious. When it's very cold, I like to trade up to a stew. Yum!

Anonymous said...

Before I even read this or your posting on French Chic, I found various cabbage soup recipes online yesterday and tweaked them to come up with basically this same soup! Funny we both decided to make the same soup on the same day! It must be something in the air...oh, I remember...FALL! Yay for fall!


Anna said...

I love making stews, too. I have a great recipe for a classic beef stew that I'll have to dig up.