Sunday, September 16, 2007

Catching-Up Weekend

Our weekend was a little boring and unadventurous, probably because last weekend was a little too fun and adventurous! We went to the City of Rocks for a rock-climbing/camping advenure, then to Miracle Hot Springs where my husband went kayaking with our rafting buddies. In addition to sustaining a flat tire, the dog eating a chipmunk (whole), and then acting like a crazed chipmunk in the tent all night (no sleep for mommy and daddy, that's for sure), my husband also suffered a really bad shoulder blow in his whitewater kayak. Man!

So, this weekend has been pretty subdued, but nice for catching up on things. Supposedly, that is. Mostly I've just been sitting around and knitting! The weather has been great, though...those crisp, sunny days where you know autumn is just imminent. It really makes me want to dig out my boots and sweaters, which I'm planning to day this afternoon, after we run the dog's buns off at the Sand Dunes.

The weather also puts me in the mood for wam, cozy fall projects, and I started a great cashmere-merino sweater this weekend. I did a ribbing mix on the sleeves, starting it out with a 1x1, then adding a purl to every other purl rib, making it a 1x1x1x2 sort of rib, that I took about seven inches up the sleeve.. I really like it--almost gives a Victorian quality to them.

The project is stalled for a couple of days, though, because I realized I didn't have the right size circular needle. I need a 24-inch, and all I have is a 29-inch, which isn't working at all (the body is knit in the round, and having tried the larger circ, I can see that's just not going to work). So, hopefully my LYS will have the correct size and I can back to that tomorrow.

The little Woo-Woo got to play with his "cousin," Moose yesterday. This is him questioning whether I'm serious in my suggestion that we get ready to go. He's such a suspicious little brat...too dang smart for his own good! A few weeks ago I was sick and my brother-in-law called to say he was going to pick Woo up to go play at their house. So, I got him all ready with his leash and collar, and then they didn't come over for nearly an hour! I thought the little guy was going to kill me. Since then, I think he wonders if I'm just messing with him. Twerp.

So, while I'm waiting for the right circular needle, I went to get my morning latte, some sushi for lunch, and found this sort of roving-style yarn. It's wool with a little acrylic in it, which I would normally turn my nose up at, but I've been craving some really chunky mittens and a hat for when we go hot-springing, and hopefully that acrylic will keep the wool from felting in the hot steam. Either way, the colors are really cute and I love how chunky-monkey it is.

The lack of a really good yarn store around here is about to kill me, though. We have our little shop that's been here forever and I love the owner, but I really crave having miles and miles of yarn to design around. I can go to Salt Lake City or Boise and get some good things, but I wish I could have a whole pavillion at my disposal any time I want. There are tons of designs swirling in my head, and without having the tactile ability to see what it's really like, the stuff on the Internet is great and all, but...

I used to have a subscription to a fabric mill that would send me swatches every season. I've been looking for something like that with yarn, but it doesn't seem to be a common service. I need that! I'll keep looking, and in meantime, happy Sunday!


Carolyn said...

Have fun with your new projects. I'm at work on knitted christmas gifts at the moment. Love the sherbet colours of the chunky monkey wool btw...

Gina said...

Anna, does that with their yarns. They are generally closeouts, so you have to snap them up fast when the become available. I get the newsletter and the color card monthly, but a friend gets the newsletter with knittable samples of the yarn. You also get certificates to apply towards future purchases with your subscription.