Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fingers Crossed...

It’s Lotto Fev-ah, baby! So, since my desperate (and thus-far unrequited) plea for grant money earlier this week, Gina ( and I have decided to become lotto partners. From now until the end of 2007, we are going to take turns buying a ticket for the Wednesday night lotto drawing, and split the winnings. There are 19 Wednesdays between now and New Year’s Eve...nineteen chances to make it big (or at least afford yarn!). Woohoo!

I mentioned it to my husband who started going off about how stupid the lottery is and something about a “Welfare 401(k)” and such, and how if I just put the money in a savings account instead, I could have all the yarn I wanted, blah, blah. So, just to make things interesting, I will also be putting the same amount of money into a high-yield/low minimum savings account at the same time. So, I guess it’s just a little stand-off between ING Direct and the Idaho/New York Lotteries. Gentlemen, start your engines!

This whole lottery thing reminds me of these office lotto pools we used to do at work. One of the secretaries, Julie, would organize these elaborate pools and collect everyone’s dollars, logging the results into spreadsheets, etc. It was kind of interesting how the winning tickets were often the ones she purchased “for herself” and weren’t part of the group lotto anymore, despite the fact that there only seemed to be one spreadsheet. At least it didn’t cause any of those office riots—we just sort of wrote her off as being silly/eccentric.

And she was eccentric! I remember one time we all went out to lunch in my car, and Julie wanted to get the lottery tickets on the way back. I needed gas anyway, so as we were going back to work I stopped at the gas station. I was filling up and reminded Julie that she was going to get lotto tickets, but she looked at me, shaking her head and said, “No...not here. I don’t have a good feeling about the tickets here.” HUH?! She was serious, by the way.

Not only that, but she would also take them (the tickets, that is) to church on Sundays to have the priest bless them. Hmmm...either God didn’t care about her winning the lottery and donating a portion to the church, or he felt the church was already swimming in money, or.....hmmm.

Okay, so here are the numbers for this week. I’ll be at a CAbi party tonight, then joining my husband and his rock-climbing buddies for pizza after, so I probably won’t get to check in until late. You can check the numbers yourself here:
Wish us luck!

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Gina said...

I promise, promise, promise that there will be no buying tickets "just for me". Wouldn't you just die if we won the first one out of the gate?