Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tea and Toast

"With just a little extra effort, something as simple as bread and water becomes tea and toast."

Mmmm....simple pleasures, eh? And making a little seemingly heaven out of seemingly hell, as one of my marketing profs would say. Although there's hardly any hell in homemade bread and fresh springwater, but the point of this post is that with just a little bit of trying, we can make our lives exponentially better, nicer, more elegant.

This little nugget of wisdom isn't my own necessarily, but the thoughts came to me when a friend of mine (yes, even though we've only "met" over the Internet, I'd consider her wonderful enough to be someone with whom I love to be friends) said something recently on a chat group. It was a quotation, although I liked her version of it better than the original quote, which was attributed to "anonymous," I think, and so I'll attribute it to her instead. Check her other stuff out here:

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Gina said...

It is so simple, and yet, so very true. That small bit of effort to create more beauty and comfort.