Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cooking for Cravings

It's definitely comfort food craving night at my house! I cooked up a big batch of rice the other night, making extra on-purpose for fried rice tonight, and the thought of it has been eating at me ever since. I can't wait! I bought some big, fat shrimp for the rice, plus a little chicken and vegetables for some honey-garlic chicken stir fry. Yum....and now I need my wok. I have no idea where it is--still haven't moved in quite yet, but I'm getting to it...sort of. It's okay, I'll make do without the wok, but I have a new wok--a real one--on my list along with a Thai sticky rice steaming basket and pot. I've never been able to hack the sticky rice thing, but I am determined.

I also had a terrific craving for Peanut Blossom cookies, under the supposed idea that we really need something with a lot of peanut protein in it for our Big Sky ski weekend...right. Hey, it's a pretty good excuse, really. And after I finally lost the six pounds I gained in Thailand (plus two for good measure), well...oh, hell. I'm going to have to be careful if I'm ever going to wear the bikini I'm knitting. I bought two bags of Hershey's kisses for the cookies, and while I am so very not a Hershey's kisses kind of girl (I like my chocolate dark, rich, and expensive), that didn't seem to stop me during the annual Christmas cookie bake-off and swearing until midnight ritual. Yeah, ate a whole bowl of those suckers. Okay, any extra kisses are going to work with me for the guys to eat.

And speaking of knitting, I got a bunch of new yarn today! Woohoo! It was a huge haul--18 balls of Cascade's Fixation and a couple balls of Peruvian wool for a felting project. Gorgeous colors...I'm in love! But I have to discipline myself too--there's a paper to write for my marketing class Tuesday and a math test on Wednesday. Bleh.


Lumay said...

I share your outlook on chocolate, but those cookies require a Hershey's Kiss! Have you seen the mohair suit in "Sexy Little Knits"? It doesn't seem comfortable or practical.

Anonymous said...

Would you mind sharing the recipe ;-)